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Our mission is to inspire and enable professionals to become the best version of themselves.

Are you looking for solutions to boost the impact of your professional trainings? Then everskill is your answer.

Built upon scientific research and numerous years of experience in professional training, we developed an innovative software taking learning & development to the next level.

With our holistic, 6-week transformation program, we translate your training content into practical behaviors, embed these behaviors into employees’ daily work and motivate them for change. This way, we make sure your trainings have a sustainable impact.

The Benefits

Highly effective Learning Transfer

After a traditional training, participants face the challenge of converting their learnings into actual behaviors. Only 6-10% of content makes it to their daily work. The everskill program supports the learning transfer and increases achievement levels to around 50%.

A holistic transformation program

Traditional trainings have one shot to get their message across – the training day itself. With everskill, participants engage in a digital transformation program with feedback and support from their trainer and from their training community for several weeks.

Increased employee motivation

Keeping up participants’ motivation after the training is essential, but often overlooked. The everskill program integrates specific community and gamification features that get employees in a productive and team-oriented mindset, thereby increasing their overall motivation.

Transparent efficiency tracking

The everskill software measures participants’ behavioral change after a training at maximum granularity. This enables trainers and HR departments to assess and benchmark the training impact and to visualize the performance of individual training sections.

Our Product

Our learning transfer program, centered around our mobile apps, accompanies training participants during 6 weeks after a soft skill training.

The process

We seamlessly link your trainings to our learning transfer program, providing a unique and holistic training experience to your participants.

Step 1: The training delivers content

Trainings are conducted as usual. At the end of a training, participants receive a brief introduction about the everskill program.

Step 2: everskill transforms training content into actual behavior change

After the training, participants engage in the 6-week everskill program and implement new behaviors step by step.

Step 3: Together, we generate sustainable results

Our program boosts learning transfer from 6-10% to around 50%.

The key elements

Three innovative app features enable participants to put good intentions into action.

Action plan

learning transfer behaviors
We translate learnings into behaviors

Participants create individual action plans by selecting the most relevant learning goals from their training.


learning transfer trigger
We embed behaviors in daily work life

Targeted reminders ask participants for acting on their learning goals.


learning transfer leaderboard
We motivate users to stay active

Participants are motivated for change by the app (community features, progress tracking, curated content, etc.) and our personal everskill instructor.

In addition to the app features, everskill offers detailed analytics of the training results.

Through everskill, trainers can stay connected with their participants. They can create or customize learning goals and behaviors, upload training-specific content and interact with their participants via the app. This ensures that the training and post-training phases complement each other.

everskill analytics measures the training results and gives training institutions and HR departments a data-based feedback on the impact and efficiency of their training.

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Our Team

The managing directors

The everskill family

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The expert network

everskill is supported by a strong network. Professors from leading universities bring latest psychological research into our product development. Training and HR experts help us optimize our program design and our analytics solutions.

  • Prof. Dr. Breugst

    Professor at TUM

    • Professor at Technical University Munich (TUM) for Entrepreneurial Behavior
    • Helps us with latest insights on team psychology and learning
  • Prof. Dr. Walter

    Professor at ISM

    • Professor at ISM for psychology & management
    • Brings in latest psychological research into everskill product development
  • Dr. Kiefer

    Global Learning EY

    • Global Learning Leader, Ernst & Young and founder of Q595 (training/ coaching network)
    • Supports our training and program design
  • Charles Brook

    The Performance Coach

    • Founder and Global Director, The Performance Coach
    • Develops levers for change and impact creation with everskill
  • Frank Thiel


    • Founder & CEO of NEWAYS (international trainer network and institute)
    • Develops the optimal trainer interface with us
  • Jürgen Gallmann


    • Former CEO of Microsoft Germany and Head of IBM's Software Group
    • Expert in software and internet business


everskill already helped several great companies boosting their training efficiency. Their valuable feedback allowed us to improve our product – and thus your user experience – even further.

In the following you find the thoughts of selected customers about everskill and the benefits they gained from our program.


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We believe in the better you

We want you to become the professional that you want to be. That’s why we will support you with regular trainings and frequent personal feedback.

We believe in changing professional behavior

We want our customers to become the best version of themselves. This is why we get up in the morning and give our best every day.

We believe in our team

We don’t talk about team spirit and fun at work – we live it.

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