Why YOU should learn like top athletes

  • Corporate training can be reinvented through the eyes of top athletes.
  • Learning requires constant practice of our core activities.
  • This leads to extraordinary training success.

The implementation gap - the biggest problem of trainings

  • The problem is not that the participants do not know how to become better.
  • The actual implementation of the seminar content in daily life is the real challenge.


Integrate the digital solution in your trainings

  • 60% of the people who engage with the digital solution in the training go ahead to solve their problem.
  • The IKEA-effect: People tend to place inherently more value on solutions they have created themselves.


Why you should reduce barriers!

  • If there are too many options to choose from, the likelihood of people selecting an option goes down.
  • A digital solution has to be easy to understand to be used by the participants.

3 effective ways to make YOUR training entertaining!

  • Gamify the experience to put fun into learning.
  • People like using beatiful things, so making solutions look nice is key.
  • Give quick rewards to keep the motivation up.