Your digital coach for training reinforcement

• Complements your existing soft skill trainings digitally
• Motivates your employees to apply their learnings in daily work life
• Boosts learning transfer and makes change measurable

everskill increases learning transfer by factor 3

During turbulents working day, training participants quickly fall back into old habits. We want to change this. Our digital coach therefore accompanies training participants in work life. He motivates to implement training objectives — and sustainably increases training transfer.

with everskill
20 - 40%
without everskill

Our product

Simple connection with existing trainings in 2-3 hours

Your trainings are conducted as usual. At the end of the training everskill is introduced to the participants in not more than ten minutes and participants determine their individual goals in our app. This ensures that no participant leaves the training without clear goals.

In advance of the training, our experienced team supports you in setting up our digital coach. This takes not more than 2-3 hours. We take care of the rest.

Explained step-by-step

Measuring training impact

What are the participants' goals after the training? How well do the participants succeed in realizing these goals in everyday life?

The everskill program provides you with answers to these questions and measures the participants' activity anonymously. This allows trainers and HR departments to accurately determine and compare the impact of trainings.

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