Your digital transfer coach

The digital transfer coach accompanies every employee from training into everyday life, supporting them to use soft skills on a daily and permanent basis. For training success that lasts.

Successful Corporate Learning

  • Each participant receives digital transfer coaching via app after their training. This accompanies the often so difficult transfer into everyday practice and the participants establish new routines — even long after the training.
  • Our app motivates participants to stick with the content after the training, because 5 minutes of each coaching are enough for success.
  • A couple of clicks are all it takes to set up the coach for each soft-skill-training. After all, all training courses have one goal: to move participants from knowledge to action.

Our Customers

Easy set-up

Easy set-up

everskill adapts to your training — not the other way round. You can set up the coach in about 10 minutes for any soft-skill training, e.g. leadership programs, sales training, time management and mindfulness etc.


Digital learning transfer

The coach accompanies the participants from the training into everyday life — via app. The app asks targeted questions that help participants develop new routines along the way.

Training on-the-job

Long-term success

Participants set individual learning goals, implement new habits, change their everyday lives, and celebrate long-term training successes. Participants are still applying the content months after the training.

More success for your training

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