everskill in open seminars at arowa and TeamentwicklungsLab

The use of everskill in open seminars.

The experienced team of arowa trainers, based in Freiburg, Germany, has been training mainly company employees since 2007 in up to 100 seminars per year in the areas of sales & distribution, telephony, customer service, time management and leadership.
Heiner Diepenhorst works similarly with his colleagues in the TeamentwicklungsLab in Berlin. As seminar providers, they focus on integral executive development, both in in-house programs and in open seminars.

In the fall of 2018, Heiner Diepenhorst was looking for a digital solution to enhance the sustainability of his trainings and to further differentiate himself from the competition.
Previously, he had offered his participants from the open seminars, among other things, individual coaching to ensure the transfer of learning after the classroom training.
However, the offer was only taken up by approx. 10-20% of the participants. In addition, scaling the offer was hardly possible due to the high expenditure of time. The integration of everskill's digital coach promised him an innovative solution to support his participants on a long-term basis without great effort in working on their personal goals from the classroom training. In addition, the app offers the possibility of digital learning transfer also in the external image on the flag to write.

For our seminar participants everskill's digital coach unfolds its significant practical effect exactly where we have always wanted it as passionate training experts: In the 4-6 weeks after the classroom seminar, which are so important for maximum learning transfer. More individual and motivating sustainability is not possible!

Andy Rohrwasser Business Coach, communication trainer, sociologist (M.A.)

The arowa team also found itself in a similar situation. Although the arowa training professionals cannot complain at all about top ratings and above-average positive feedback from participants, the team was not able to make any progress. But in the follow-up discussions with the seminar graduates, it repeatedly flashed through that many employees quickly fall back into old habits in the turbulent working day. For the company in the everyday life an easy-to-operate support, which supplements the seminars, was missing. After a smooth and successful test run, those responsible at arowa decided to supplement all open seminars with everskill's digital coach via Smartphone App as an included additional service. This means that participants are accompanied and motivated after the classroom seminar to apply what they have learned in their everyday work.

 Besides the increased lasting effect of my trainings, everskill offers me a successful marketing instrument for my seminars.

Heiner Diepenhorst, Business Coach

The digital coach has become an integral part of the classroom seminars of Heiner Diepenhorst. The participants are given the opportunity to get involved with the everskill App during the seminar and to set personal learning goals. After the training, they are continuously reminded of their action steps by a push message on their smartphone, so that they can consistently integrate the small exercises into their everyday lives and - like musicians or athletes - become a bit better every day.
In creating the learning goals, arowa and the TeamentwicklungsLab were able to build on the precisely fitting designs provided by the everskill team. Thus, each training concept is ready for use in the digital coach with little effort and the appropriate learning goals.  

After we had integrated everskill's digital coach into our open seminar packages, the number of seminar enquiries and registrations rose noticeably. In addition, we are pleased about the very high demand for digital coaches as an additional service for in-house trainings.

Andy Rohrwasser Business Coach, communication trainer, sociologist (M.A.)

The arowa team and Heiner Diepenhorst are very satisfied with their experiences in the last months. The participants accepted the offer very well: The usage rate is 60-80% with an average of 2-3 practice units per week. This not only increases the impact of the training sessions, but also supports the two training providers in promoting open seminars and in discussions with companies.

The seminar participation was a complete success for me. Thanks to everskill, my expectations were far exceeded. It is now much easier for me to keep an eye on my personal goals.

Participant of a Leadership Training 2019

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