Joint project with Deutsche Vermögensberatung

The digital everskill coach ensures the learning transfer of soft skill trainings at Deutsche Vermögensberatung


Initial situation at Deutsche Vermögensberatung

Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG (DVAG) is Germany's largest independent financial consulting company with more than six million customers and 14,000 commercial agents. DVAG offers comprehensive and cross-sector all-round financial consulting for broad sections of the population - true to the corporate principle "Building up assets for everyone". Since its foundation in 1975, the company has been characterized by growth. An important cornerstone for the long-term success of the asset consultants is the excellent and repeatedly awarded training and further education concept of DVAG.

DVAG cooperates with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jenewein for its executives. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jenewein, expert and coach in the field of leadership and cultural development, was named one of the Top 5 Leadership Coaches in the German-speaking world by Focus Magazin.

The aim of the training at DVAG is to strengthen the leadership culture at DVAG. They cover, among other things, the basics of employee motivation, leadership in change and personality development. Due to the high quality and importance of these seminars, DVAG would like to see a strong transfer of the contents into everyday working life.

Training design with everskill

Trainingsdesign mit everskillProf. Dr. Wolfgang Jenewein integrated everskill's digital coach into his trainings. At the end of each seminar, a reflection is conducted on how the learned can be put into practice in everyday work. Based on this, the participants can define personal learning goals that they would like to achieve with the help of the digital coach. For this purpose, they receive suggestions for possible behaviour patterns, which are developed for each training session by the everskill training experts and the trainers. These goals serve as the basis for creating an individual action plan that seminar participants can tailor to their daily routine. In this way, they always receive a reminder at the right time to work on their personal goals (e.g. 30 minutes before a staff appraisal to use feedback in a structured way).

The everskill digital coach therefore starts where conventional training measures have ended up to now - after the end of the seminar. He extends DVAG's existing soft skill training courses by a period of six weeks. During this time, the digital coach supports and motivates the seminar participants in their daily work by regularly reminding them of their self-imposed implementation goals. True to the motto "Practice makes perfect". In order to further support the application of the training content in everyday working life, training-specific documents and training materials are also stored in the everskill smartphone app.

Within the framework of a closed communication channel, the entire training group can also communicate with each other after the classroom training and exchange experiences. A ranking list of the training group encourages the actual application of what has been learned. In addition, seminar participants can talk to a member of the everskill team of experts about their personal learning goals and previous training success in a transfer coaching telephone call. If necessary, they receive tips on how to successfully change their behaviour and can reflect on their approach.

What does DVAG achieve with the digital coach?

Was erreicht die DVAG mit dem digitalen Coach?Through this intensive support of the training participants, the learning transfer of the DVAG training courses could be significantly increased. In traditional Durch diese intensive Begleitung der Trainingsteilnehmer, konnte der Lerntransfer der DVAG-Trainings deutlich gesteigert werden. In traditionellen Trainings ohne den digitalen Coach von everskill beschäftigen sich durchschnittlich lediglich 8% der Trainingsteilnehmer nach dem Training erneut mit den training sessions without the everskill digital coach, an average of only 8% of training participants return to the training content after the training1. At DVAG, on the other hand, 63%2  of the participants repeatedly deal with the contents after the seminar through the use of everskill and use them regularly in their daily work. Training contents are thus lived and not forgotten.

With the everskill program it is possible for the first time to gain an insight into the actual training success of the measures. An anonymous evaluation of the aggregated data with regard to the learning objectives and their implementation in everyday working life provides information on the actual implementation of the seminar contents. In addition, it allows impressions of the actual needs of the participants and thus allows adaptation and optimisation of the training design. In this way, the DVAG training courses can be even better adapted to the needs of the employees on the basis of real usage data.

The support by Tobi as a personal virtual coach is unique and inspires me very much.

Seminar Participant



1 refers to training outside DVAG that is not accompanied by everskill or the team of Prof. Jenewein; source: Baldwin & Ford (1988), Lally, Van Jaarsveld, Potts & Wardle (2010), Geißler (2014), American Medical Association (2011)

2 based on an evaluation of 154 supervised managers in 11 seminars

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