everskill supports a trainee program for future chief fitters

everskill as a sustainable support for a trainee program


PETERS Service GmbH is a provider of commercial services and business development. In the trainee programme, talented young fitters from customers in the building technology sector are prepared for the assumption of further activities as chief fitters.

While the participants gain practical experience in their daily work for professional development, they learn the various basics of soft skills in the 1.5-year trainee programme. In the nine modules, the 13 participants deal with methods of self and time management, the basics of communication and leadership, and acquire knowledge in project management.

The customers of PETERS Service GmbH are looking for sustainable support in their professional and personal development for their potential junior managers. Also between the modules, which have a distance of 6-8 weeks, the mechanics should be able to work continuously on their personal goals. 

Up to now, the trainers have held individual discussions with the participants in order to promote learning transfer after the seminars, and have provided transfer and homework assignments, which have been reviewed and intensively discussed in the subsequent seminars. In order to increase the incentive for the young adults, the training managers were looking for a digital tool that the participants could use at any time and any place.

Thanks to its simple handling and playful elements, the everskill app is the optimal solution for the intermodular support of the trainee programme. Topics that the future supervisors learn in the seminars can thus be directly applied in their daily work and internalised through consistent practice. Ms Grebe, personnel officer at PETERS Service GmbH, particularly likes the opportunity for participants to document their personal learning progress themselves and directly in the app. The application of the app is thus directly linked to content topics such as self- and time management.

With everskill, we have created the opportunity for trainees to work consistently on their personal goals in a playful way. The app-based digital coach accompanies the participants between the modules throughout the entire program.

Jennifer Grebe, Personnel Officer PETERS Service GmbH

In addition to regular reminders of the continuous practice of new behaviours, a training-specific ranking also contributes to the success of the app. Before each new module, the top 5 participants of the last training course are selected; this competitive character also motivates the trainees to actively use the app. For the training participants, the use of the app became a matter of course over time.

 The effort required to design the individual learning objectives is very low. All the greater is the benefit of our trainees, who now internalize their personal goals in a sustainable way.

Jennifer Grebe, Personnel Officer PETERS Service GmbH

The trainees worked very intensively with their digital coach and also held on to their goals over time. On average, 60-80% of the participants set goals and were active two to three times a week.

 I work daily with the app to see if I have achieved my goals or not. In addition to the learning diary function, I particularly like the fact that I can access the contents of the classroom training at any time in the app.

Participant from the PETERS trainee program

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