Revolutionize your learning culture.

With everskill you complement your existing seminars, workshops, change programs, conferences etc. and help your participants to train your content daily.
Monday morning, the training starts

Quick activation of the app

The trainer gives me a high-quality box as a gift. With the code, I log into the app.

Woohoo! That didn’t even take 2 minutes!

Tuesday afternoon, wrap-up of the training

Create a personal training plan

In the app I find suggestions on how I can put what I have learned into practice in everyday life. I think three of them are great. I choose them.

That's it. My personal training plan is ready.

Thursday, back at work

Reminder at the right time

A push notification reminds me exactly in time of my training . I almost forgot!

One week after the training

Photo protocol always at hand

How did that work again? Fortunately, I can find the flipcharts from the training with one click in the app.

Two weeks after the training

Reflect on learning success

I've managed to do something really different five times. That feels good! I documented my learning success in my digital learning diary. 

Three weeks after the training

Motivating exchange with the group

It's great what different experiences we've all gained in our everyday lives. The success of my colleagues inspires me to stay tuned.

Eight weeks before the training, data protection is aligned

Secure data and processes

For the first time the coordination with data protection and works council was super easy.

The ISO certification of everskill and their experience in the coordination made the process very simple.

Four weeks before the training starts

Fast and easy setup of my trainings

In a web meeting we prepare the training together in only 45 minutes.

That went really fast.

One week after the training

Enthusiastic colleagues

A colleague came up to me today. He was excited that we accompany the training in the aftermath.

It was nice to see that we were changing the learning culture and the participants appreciate it.

Four weeks before training

Individual setup of my programs

I can set up the app for my trainings with just a few clicks. The everskill templates fit my content very well.

Now my training is digital!

Monday morning

Support participants in everyday life

I was looking forward to helping the participants with the implementation after the training. Now it’s time!

With the box they simply log in and create their personal training plan immediately.

Tuesday afternoon, wrap-up of the training

Reduce documentation effort

The participants already shared pictures of the flipcharts with their colleagues during the training. Now they have the photo documentation right in their pocket.

I can now concentrate on the next training.

5 days after the training

Leave a lasting impression

The participants are already back in everyday life and implement the training contents.

I send them a short video and help them to stay tuned.

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