We are the everskill team

We are the everskill team - the heart of our company. We get up every morning to perfect our product, to offer our customers a great experience and to get better ourselves.

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Our leadership team

We have many years of experience in the areas of training, change management and the implementation of international projects.

Daniel Schmelzer

Dr. Daniel Schmelzer

  • Designed training and change programs at leading blue-chips with Boston Consulting Group

  • Conducted a PhD on behavioral psychology

Christian Uetz

Christian Uetz

  • Led software & service teams at Hilti

  • Implemented large-scale performance improvement programs as Project Manager at Roland Berger

Stefan Lülf

Dr. Stefan Lülf

  • Implemented and managed change projects as Project Manager at McKinsey & Company

  • Trained consultants in client communication


We are everskill

Carlotta Carlotta


Customer Engagement

Masters in Social Changes and Participation in Munich. Focus on cooperation and communication development.

„The people here are awesome. It’s like being part of a nice family working together to support people to become and feel better.“

Stefan Stefan


Partner management

Seven years consulting experience at McKinsey&Company. Worked with a social venture capital fund. PhD on Modern History.

„I love to put ideas into action and discuss with smart people within everskill and at our partners.“

Christian Christian


Marketing & Sales

Seven years management consultant. Project Manager at Roland Berger. Two years marketing and sales manager at Hilti.

„Building something significant with a brilliant and fun team is the best thing that can happen to you. I love the way we innovate the L&D market and boost training impact.“

Anna M. Anna M.



Bachelor's degree in Business Communication. Basic and Advanced Track of the School of Design Thinking at HPI. In the innovation and training industry since 2014.


"I love to develop a product in a team that supports people in their further education and is fun at the same time."

Tobias H. Tobias H.



Master in Computer Science at TU Munich with focus on robotic and artificial intelligence. Android developer since always.

„I am convinced by the idea to support others in reaching their personal goals. Additionally I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in our offices where we also learn from each other.“

Eva Eva


Events & Team Happiness

Master's degree in education with a focus on adult education. Professional experience in organizing business networking events.

“Supporting a great team while working on a common vision is the perfect combination for me.”

Metin Metin



Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering. Focus on iOS Development with 5 year experience in software development.

„Im always in search of more useful, efficient and simple solutions and love doing this at work while learning, sharing and having fun at the same time.“ 

Doris Doris



Copywriter with many years of experience in various B2B industries. She has been writing texts since she could write.

"I'm impressed by the very focused yet casual work atmosphere where every opinion is heard.

Danilo Danilo



Front End developer with a Degree in Game Development.

„Being part of a team focused on making people improve is one of the main things that really keeps me motivated to give my best on our projects.“

Marcos Marcos



Bachelor in Telecommunications Engineering completed at the Polytechnic University of Valencia with one year at TU Munich.

„I love the atmosphere in the office. We are constantly improving and at the same time we have a lot of fun together every day. It is really exciting how fast the company grows!“

Sanjay Sanjay



Masters in Informatics from TU Munich with seven years work experience in software development.

„Being a part of a young, dynamic and fun team in which everyone is striving to improve themselves and the team, without losing sight of the bigger goal.“



Degree in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering. Years of experience in web development.

Franziska Franziska


Projekt Management

Work experience in IT consulting company and global enterprises. Management Master at TU Munich. Interest in nature and yoga.

„Everyone works towards the same vision. I like that our product and each achievement is directly visible.“

Daniel Daniel


Program Development

Six years Boston Consulting Group. Expert on e-learning and training. PhD on behavior psychology.

„Our team can joke around while working focused on content at the same time. I love the fact that we are building-up something extraordinary.“
Cordt Cordt



M. Sc. in Robotics. Started at everskill from day one after running his own start up for two years.

„I really like that everyone’s opinions and ideas matter which fosters a great team spirit. Still, I can see the impact of my daily work in different shapes.“

Lisa Lisa



Master's degree in business psychology in Berlin, Dresden and Bordeaux. Training as business mediator and yoga teacher.

“It motivates me to work for something that I wish there was more of in the world. I appreciate the everskill team for the fun and at the same time professional working atmosphere.”

Work and life at everskill

The everskill family consists of 25 members (probably more if you read this). We enjoy being a small team in which everyone knows each other. But we are also happy to welcome new members to our family every month.

We work hard every day to make everskill successful. But working animals also need a break and fun phases of relaxation.

We all enjoy our lunch breaks in our courtyard, our cozy kitchen or – thanks to the amazing location of our office in the city center of Munich – in the restaurants around Stiglmaierplatz.

And we all (or at least most of us) enjoy our emotional daily table soccer games and our after work beach volleyball games and beers.

We live our vision: Monthly trainings are not only a matter of course for us, but also a part of our motivation to improve the world of trainings.

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